Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From D.C. to Hollywood...

I have been meaning to start “Running in Pearls” for quite some time now. I have even had the page for awhile, but just haven’t started writing, or rather, I haven’t written for posting.

Anyone who has met me, knows that the title is more than appropriate. You may be asking, “why start today?” Yesterday, while I was on set filming for a new, but as of yet untitled James L. Brooks movie, starring Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Jack Nicholson, and Paul Rudd. The Production Assistant said that he found “Running in Pearls” but I hadn’t written anything yet. He encouraged me to start. I had mentioned the blog idea to him, and I thought, “if someone actually took the time to try to find it online, I really have no excuse but to start writing.”

I actually also owe, Marcus the production assistant a shout out anyway. Poor Marcus. I was needed on set, but had jogged over to the bathroom right before the call. Someone told Marcus that they saw me running, and that I left to do a workout. One of the many responsibilities of a production assistant is to make sure that the cast is on set when they are called and that they know where the actors are at all times. It isn’t too hard to believe that I would be out on a run, so Marcus went sprinting outside, didn’t see me, and came back all sweaty. He asked me if I went on a run, and I thought he was kidding so I responded “yes.” When I realized he was serious, I told him I was just in the bathroom and was right near the set the whole time!

This may not come as much of a shock, but both running and pearls are associated with this movie for me. In the movie, I don’t play a runner, but rather a softball player, however, it was running that got me the part. My run coach was the one that brought me onto the set for auditions, which consisted of running at different speeds, and then acting out a scenario, which for me was reacting to two teammates getting in a fight. After all, I was the captain of a cross country team at a women’s college. All of this was second nature to me. I ended up getting the part, and found myself filming a scene with Reese Witherspoon that very day on the National Mall.

Fast forward a couple of months later, and I was asked to come back for more filming, but this time in Philadelphia. The great part about the Philadelphia filming was that my personality got to come through a little bit more, as at my wardrobe fitting, it was decided that my character would wear a run skirt and pearls. Sounds like my standard uniform in real life…

The filming of this movie is only one of the many adventures I have had the past 10 months since focusing on everything running full time. Being open to so many new possibilities and experiences, as well as finding so much inspiration among my friends has made for an amazing year so far. From the ivory towers at Smith, to the White House, to Condoleezza Rice’s office, coaching, running, and major motion pictures, my adult life thus far has been anything but lackluster.

Be sure to check back for updates.

I love you guys! I do!



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